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trout_lie_logo1St. Patrick’s Day brings us a great, new local fishing resource, The Trout Lie

The Trout Lie has been born of what was formerly The Riverkeeper.  It looks be a great site for local fishing reports, premium tied flies, and online classes & seminars.  Currently they have an 85-minute Fly Tying 101 class & a 21-minute Early Season on the Big Wood seminar that both look really good. 

Here is a bit more on about The Trout Lie from an e-mail they sent announcing the new site: 

Through hours of time, preparation, hard work, late evenings, and a few really cool beer maids, we’re finally on track to launch our new website. As of today, we’re stepping out with our best wading boot forward. It’s our pleasure to formerly welcome and introduce you to the Trout Lie!

What is the Trout Lie? Well, it’s really pretty simple. Take 60+ years of fishing experience, throw in a salty fly shop owner, a Canadian Kevin Bacon look-a-like, and a guy who hates spending nine hours of his day in a cubicle, add a bit of effort, some basic HTML, a splash of cheap warm beer, and a few supportive spouses…and that’s pretty much it.

Actually, we’re just a couple of guys trying to make light of life, fish a bit, and bring some value (and values) back to the fly fishing industry. At some point in life, each of us has worked in and/or owned a fly shop. At the very least, we’ve seen trends come and go, survived “The Movie” era, and learned a bit about people and fishing along the way.

At the Trout Lie, our focus is simple. Provide accurate and honest information, surround ourselves with good people, and do our best to add a bit of perspective and objectivity to the sport.

As you browse our pages, you’ll start to see the reoccurring theme. We keep it simple and live by a few universal principles. First, we believe in accurate, honest, and first hand information. Nothing on our site is canned, copied, or ripped off. We post reports because we fish, plain and simple.

Second, real value comes from experience. We can talk about the water, show pictures of the water, provide GPS coordinates of the water, and could probably tell you which rock to stand on. However, that’s not the point of fishing. Initiative, experience, and time are the best resources.

And finally, there’s never enough to learn. Fishing is a lifetime experience. At the least it will frustrate you to the point of addiction, and at the most it will teach you to live more consciously and appreciate each day spent on the water.

Our goal is to help with a few of the questions along the way. We hope you enjoy our new site!

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