Fly of Month – Sparkle Caddis

Photo courtesy of Blueflycafe.comI’ve always kept a standard number of Elk Hair Caddis in my box. I like to keep them in various sizes and colors to suit any occasion.

On one trip I was handed a Sparkle Caddis and told, “I don’t know why but they like this better… I think it is that trailing shuck.”  I don’t know if that really is what appealed to the fish but I did notice a difference in the number of takes shortly after.

The fly is a fairly easy tie for beginners and can be easily modified to match a number of different hatches.

Be sure to use good quality elk on this fly for better floatation and be sure to stack the hair and remove all of the fine under fur before tying the fly.

Sparkle Caddis

Hook – Standard dry 12-20

Thread – 14/0 Gordon Griffith’s

Tail/shuck – Clear Antron Yarn

Body – Dry fly dubbing w/ small amount of ice dub

Hackle (optional) – Grizzly

Wing – Elk

Vary colors and sizes to match the hatches you encounter.

The Fly of the Month is an excerpt from the July issue of The Flyline, the official monthly publication of the Fly Fishers of Idaho.

Author: Jeff Wimer, Vice President of the Fly Fishers of Idaho & editor of The Flyline.

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