Why We Do It

I saw this on the Westfly Idaho forum the other day and thought that quitetcast nailed it.  Enjoy.

Why we do it

How to explain to those not blessed/cursed with the craving …

Just came back from a day trip to Big Creek. Not worried about ‘hot-spotting’ – anyone willing to drive the teeth rattling 4.5 hrs, then hike the 4.5 miles downstream is welcome to the info.

Is there anything better than watching a 16″ Cutt do its best ‘Air Jaws’ from the depths of a crystal clear pool?

How about the twinge of excitement (and a little fear) as you watch a Bull Trout, as big as your leg, move slowly into the pool you’re fishing, and knowing all’s you have is 6x tippet?

That feeling of satisfaction when you start packing up your gear for the looong trip back cuz you’re tired of catching fish?

The taste of the lukewarm beer you carried with you for the last 5 hrs for just that moment of peace and quiet before you hike back into the setting sun, back to the trailhead?

Sure, my thighs are quivering today, my blisters hurt, and keep your damn hands off my sunburned neck.

So, to my 16 y/o daughter – yea, it’s worth it …

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