Teton Canyon – A Wild Legacy at Risk

“It is not a ditch; it’s not a delivery system for water.  It’s a wild living place, full of wildlife.” –Michael Whitfield, Conservation Biologist – Diggs, ID

“This river is a hidden jewel for many of the residents of Idaho.  The Teton River and the tributaries to the Teton River were found eligible for inclusion in the Wild & Scenic River System.  This is a strong hold for Yellowstone cutthroat trout…” –Monica Zimmerman, BLM Recreation Planner

“There is a huge amount of water, most years, that flows right down the river and on down to the ocean.  We don’t need any more water in the ocean, it’s full.” –Dell Raybould, Idaho State Representative, District 34.

Rep. Raybould serves as the Chairperson on the Environment, Energy, & Technology committee as well as a member of the Resources & Conservation committee in the Idaho State House.

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