Oregon Fishing License Increases

If you are an Idaho angler that spends any time fishing over in Oregon (as many southwest Idaho anglers do) be prepared to throw down quite a few more of those hard earned dollars in 2010.

An annual Oregon non-resident angling license will now run you $106.25 (73% increase over 2009).  A daily fishing license has jumped 40% to $16.75 for non-residents.  The cost of a combined angling tag (needed in addition to the standard fishing license for steelhead & salmon) has increased to $26.50 (up $5.00).

This is quite expensive compared to other surrounding states. To get an annual non-resident fishing license in Montana or Utah you will have to pony up $70.00 and a freshwater fishing license in Washington is only $48.00 in 2010 (up $8.00 / 9% over 2009).

Looks like you will have to work some overtime, break into the 401k, or steal from the cookie jar to fish the Owyhee this year.

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