New Years Resolutions

Here are a couple of the fantastic New Year’s resolutions from the guys at Deneki Outdoors.  I think I’m going to adopt all eleven resolutions that they have listed on their site.  Click here to see the whole list.

From Deneki Outdoors (

2.  I will carry a hook file and use it religiously.

5.  I will fight fish quickly, handle them minimally and release them gently.

6.  I will not use too much top hand when spey casting.

7.  I will appreciate the beauty of the places where I’m fishing.

8.  I will thoroughly clean anything that went underwater when moving from one piece of water to the next – especially my boots, waders and boat.

10. I will support the organizations that protect the fisheries I love.

#11: I'll remember that fishing should be fun. Photo: Cameron Miller

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