Christmas Party Pic’s

Thanks to all the board members responsible for a great party, everyone enjoyed the awesome white elephant gift exchange with some real winners, Joe have you eaten your chocolate fish yet? Special kudos to Dan and Wayne for organizing our photo contest this year, it’s nice to see the photography interest growing. Everyone have a Merry Christmas be safe out there and will see you in the New Year. D.S.

dsc01241 dsc01243 dsc01244 dsc01245 dsc01246 dsc01251 dsc01253 dsc01256 dsc01257 dsc01258 dsc01261 dsc01263 dsc01265 dsc01267 dsc01269 dsc01270 dsc01272 dsc01274 dsc01275 dsc01276 dsc01277 dsc01278 dsc01279 dsc01282 dsc01283 dsc01284 dsc01285 dsc01286 dsc01289 dsc01290 dsc01291 dsc01293 dsc01294

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