January Meeting Thursday 16,7:00 Boise

Hello all,  happy new year. This month’s program is presented by Whitefish Ed Dunn who has written a book on the Chronicles of the Henry Fork and this should be very informative. Copies will also be on sale to members. As a new year is upon us it’s time to re-up on our dues please bring your checkbooks and a new password will be given out after receipt which will be used for the fly line and any other password protected sections on the web page. This weekend is the Boise Valley Fly Fishing Expo for all those interested. This is Boise’s premier Fly fishing show, feathering many casting instructors, fishing clinics, and special guests. See you at the meeting. D.S.

Boise Valley Fly Fishing EXPO – Boise, ID

Boise, Idaho, January 10, 2020: The Boise Valley Fly Fishers are pleased to announce the 16th Annual Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo (WIFFE) scheduled on …




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