Sportsman Show

FFI Booth 2020

Big Fish

Hello all, just want to say thank you to all in our FFI organization for the hard work and dedication to a super successful sportsman show this year. We really scored with the raffle tickets this go round thanks to Ballard Larsen’s carney skills,he could sell the Coronavirus and make a profit. We have many contributor’s to thank, first as always David Beal for his donation and allowing us to participate in the event year after year, Christi and Ballard Larsen for scoring the Luciano’s gift basket which by the way was the number one hit, we will remember that next year, Randy Rook and his company Electrical Wholesale Supply Co for the Milwaukee Heated jacket,the Warhawk Air Museum for the Family membership and the FFI flyrod we donated along with the Big Fish. What a great way to start the year.                                                                                                                                          Thanks again D.S.

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