FFI Meeting Aug 18 Trophy Room, Boise

  PROGRAM:   Nick Bishop “ BUG CATCHING 101- Part    #3 “  This Thursday August 18th will be #3 of three meetings dedicated to entomology (for you Vandal fans that means “bug science”. )  We are going down to the Boise River just past the MK nature center and use our newly constructed “kick nets” to see what kind of aquatic bugs we can find and hopefully ID. So- please bring your kick nets, waders. boots, shorts, wading shoes , etc. The area we will be sampling is fairly shallow so no worries.
 We will have sample boxes of flies so you can  compare them to what you catch.  We will then raffle them off.  We need your participation – this will be a FUN and INFORMATIVE meeting so Don’t Miss it!! (Who knows- you may find other treasures in the river- like ? or ??? – so show up!) P.S.- It would be good to bring a magnifying glass or reading glasses and a plastic dish w/lid (White). Nick has extra kick nets.
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