Fish Outs 2016


All Dates and Times are tentative and subject to change.

Jan –

Feb – Owyhee River  Sat 27th

March – South fork Boise River   Thurs – Sunday 3rd-6th –  Sat 19th

April – Duck Valley  Tues-Thur  1-7th  –   Sawyer’s Pond ( Emmett) Sat 23th

May – Lake Lowell  Sat 14 – Owyhee River Memorial Day 30th

June – South fork Boise River  Sat -4  Hwy Cleanup and fish after

Dagger Falls  Fri -Tues  June 24-28th

July – Silver Creek / Magic Res   Sat – Sun 9-10th

Aug – Dagger Falls  Fri -Tues   24-28th

Sep – Brownlee Res  Thurs – Mon 22-26th

Oct – South Fork Boise River / Hwy Cleanup  Sat 22th

Nov – Boise River in town   Sat 19th

Dec – Boise River in town  Sat 17th

Trips to think about

Steelhead fishing in fall


Grand Ronde


Other Trips

Kelly Creek

Henrys Fork

Jackson Hole


Crystal Lake

Contact (Don Sulgrove) 891-5250


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