FFI Meeting March 17,2022 6:30 Fish & Game downtown Boise.

Posted in General on March 10, 2022 by flyfishersofidaho

Hello all, this months meeting will include some fly tying related to Duck Valley and the up and coming fish out scheduled there for April 7-13. We will also discuss rod and line selection and tips on how to fill your net. No new news on how to reserve camp spots as of yet, don’t forget to bring your dues which will be half price for the year. D.S.

Roadside Cleanup / Fish Out Sat, Oct 26

Posted in General on October 23, 2019 by flyfishersofidaho

Hi Everyone,


I have spoken to the weather gods and the best they can do is 55 degrees and mostly sunny. So we are on for our fall highway cleanup and fish out.

Like I said before in an earlier email, we’ll meet at Stage Stop Restaurant about 9 am, have coffee, breakfast, tell lies, etc., and around 10 am head out to mile post 113 outside of Mtn Home. I’ll have all the equipment with me to pick up trash; signs, bags, vests, etc. After we finish, those that want to go fish (like me) can head to the south fork and meet up. I usually like to start down past cow creek bridge, good fishing on that section.

I’ll be bringing my small grill to heat up a late lunch, anyone is welcome¬†to use it if they want to do the same.

As usual if you have any questions or concerns, you can call or text me at 208-371-3958 or email me.


And I’m told the south fork Boise is hot right now!!


See you on saturday morning!!