Membership Information:

Membership in the Fly Fishers of Idaho is from 1 Jan – 31 Dec of each calendar year. Send membership inquires dues, or change of address to the club’s P.O. Box.

Print this form out and mail to the P.O. Box or bring to meeting and give to any board member.

Fly Fishers of Idaho
P.O. Box 8661
Boise, Idaho 83707


Initial ______    Renewal______

Regular Member – $30.00
Family Membership – $35.00                                                                                                     

Senior Member (62 and over) – $20.00
Senior Family (either spouse 62 or over) – $35.00

For family membership please list the names of spouse and immediate family members (ages 12 or over) that you want to include as active voting members of Fly Fishers of Idaho


Name __________________________



City ______________________State ___________ZIP__________

Home phone ________________Cell or Work ________________


Birthday ____________________Spouse___________________

Please number subjects you are interested in 1 thru 6 in order to help us plan meetings:

Conservation ______ Fly Tying ________ Fly Casting _______

Float Tubing _______Entomology ______ RodBuilding ______

Other _____________________________________

I would consider serving on the following committees, please check each:

Conservation ____ Education & Programs ____ Fund Raising________

Banquet _______ Membership _______Activities _______

Communication / Newsletter______
Signature __________________________Date _________________

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