Hebgen Lake

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Here are a few pics from Hebgen Lake,fishing was sweet weather was so so and water temp was about 57 degrees. The food was outstanding thanks to all the chefs,and Nicks breakfast program can’t wait to return,don’t forget this weeks FFI meeting Thursday. Thank you again Nick Bishop for your hospitality.Hebgan Lake 2017 048

Photo’s from Duck Valley

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Here are a few pics from our Duck Valley fish out on the weekend of May 20 we stayed at Mt View this time, water temps were 54-61 most fish were up top with minimal hatches accruing throughout the day many stockers caught and a number of tagged fish released.  The Seal Bugger in olive and burnt orange along with the bead head bugger with  florescent green hackle were laying a smack down most fish were in the 14-16 range D.S.

Freds carp shots 032

Freds carp shots 050

Freds carp shots 043Freds carp shots 007

FFI Trash Cleanup

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Thanks to all who could make it to our first roadside cleanup this year,squeaky clean.D.S.

Bishop Cabin Fish Out Information June 14 – 17

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Click on link above for dates, time and directions contact Nick for reservations limited space available, his cell is (208)867-8747


Here’s Nicky !!!!!!!

Calender Adjustments

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Due to the fact that the majority of the club members will be at Nicks cabin, at Hebgen Lake, on the 15th of Jun,I have rescheduled the trophy room at IDFG for the 22nd of Jun, for the General Membership meeting. Additionally, I have cancelled the July General Membership meeting scheduled for the 20th, and replaced it with the Annual Picnic at Winstead Park on the 21st of July from 5-9 PM.

Tight Lines and memorable releases

Daniel Hodler

Lucky Peak Rooster Tail Blowout

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Duck Valley

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